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Our annual dues are $20.00 per year per landowner and for each hunter on leased lands.

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We Have a Hog Problem!

We have a hog problem! Here are some websites and also see the attached publication. You also have a local resource person available - Josh Helcel 254-248-0562.

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SWHWMA was formed in 1999 by two concerned landowners. These two forward thinking land stewards saw the need to formalize the management practices they knew would improve the deer population on their ranches along the Lampasas River.

Those management practices have had a significant impact on the health, buck to doe ratio and antler size of the deer in the area.  The association has grown to encompass 50 members and over 11,000 acres of managed lands stretching along the Lampasas River Valley from Hwy 84 south to Hwy 281.

In addition to cooperating with our neighbors to manage various types of wildlife and improve their habitats on our land, participation through the Managed Lands Deer Permits system also gives members the added benefit of extending their deer hunting season. With increasing land fragmentation and the resulting hunting pressure, only by landowners and hunters working toward the same goals we will continue to see the wildlife on our ranches improve.


The purpose of the association is to increase numbers, improve quality of wildlife and enhance the quality of hunting within the managed area by accomplishing the following goals:

  1. Balance wildlife numbers with the carrying capacity of the land.
  2. Maintaining and improving wildlife habitat.
  3. Improve the ratio of bucks to does
  4. Improve the marketing value of wildlife resources
  5. Improve landowner-hunter relationships
  6. Reduce numbers of wildlife taken illegally (poaching).
  7. Improve wildlife numbers through predator control
  8. Increase the amount of managed land within the association
  9. Provide educational opportunities for the Association members
  10. To be a non-profit organization
  11. Work to increase the average age of the bucks within the herd.


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